26th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference

October 11-13, 2019

Tan-Tar-A Resort, Lake Ozark, MO

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2019 Workshops

ASL Fingerwording

Presented by Molly O’Hara

ASL-language learners often struggle to understand native fingerspelling. Words typically are not spelled out letter by letter. Moreover, not every fingerspelled word is a lexicalized sign to remember as an ASL word. (An example of a lexicalized sign is the ASL word ‘JB’ for the English word ‘job’.) This session explores the type of fingerspelling that falls through the cracks. Two phenomena are introduced: fingerspelling syllabic structure and fingerspelling phonics. The way English words are pronounced are not necessarily the way ASL fingerspells them. Native English speakers tend to rely on how a word is pronounced in English in order to understand it when being fingerspelled in ASL. Additionally, letters are not necessarily fingerspelled how they are written in English. The way a letter is signed depends upon the other letters that form a fingerspelled word. This session touches on how to “listen” differently in order to “hear” the fingerspelled word correctly.


Interpreting’s Most Outrageous Moments: An Ethical Study

Presented by Alan Abarbanell

Join us for a highly interactive workshop designed to test interpreter’s knowledge of the Code of Professional Conduct, critical thinking skills, understanding and comprehension of cultural mediation issues, and how all these disciplines intersect. Presented by Alan Abarbanell, the conference’s Saturday night entertainer.


Don’t Be Mad If I Don’t Look: Accommodating Hard of Hearing Consumers

Presented by Corey Axelrod

This interactive workshop explores the multiple challenges Hard of Hearing consumers face on a daily basis in today’s society and how interpreters can best adapt to provide support. During this workshop, designed for interpreters who work closely with or provide services to Hard of Hearing consumers, Corey – a Hard of Hearing individual who is also culturally Deaf and fourth generation in his family with deafness—will deliver insight and impact that enables audiences to more clearly understand how to best work with Hard of Hearing consumers.


Navigating the Laws of Medical and Mental Health Interpreting

Presented by John T. Adams

Pop quiz: Why do interpreters sit outside of the patient’s room? How do you respond to a nurse who refuses to give you information because of HIPAA? What are the expectations from DMH for interpreting in mental health? Attend this workshop for the answers! When asked about certain behaviors in medical or mental health settings, we usually reply “it’s standard business practice.” Why? This workshop will explain the statutes and rules from the Joint Commission, HIPAA, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. The session will provide participants the knowledge and understanding to accurately and professional provide better answers. Participants will also learn how the statutes and rules protect interpreters from violating the statutes and rules of the State Committee of Interpreters.


Stay tuned for more detailed workshop descriptions! Topics will include: the BEI Test of English Proficiency, healthcare, transliteration, music, mentoring, vocational rehabilitation, teaming, working with CDIs, and educational interpreting.