New Grant Opportunity for DeafBlind Programs

In 2016, the Missouri Legislature passed House Bill 1696, a.k.a. the SSP bill, which gave the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH) the authority and responsibility to administer the “issuance of grants to deaf-blind adults and children and their families,” subject to appropriations. The statute is set forth in section 161.412, RSMo.

For Fiscal Year 2019, MCDHH was appropriated $300,000—save $9,000 for the Governor’s Reserve—to use toward section 161.412, RSMo. Of that $291,000, $193,895 has already been granted out through the MO SSP Program. The remaining $97,105 will be distributed to new DeafBlind programs via this grant.

The purpose of these new programs is to supplement the MO SSP Program in a way that fulfills each of the intended outcomes of section 161.412, RSMo. This grant will cover services for DeafBlind children and their families and assistance for DeafBlind adults that is beyond the scope of an SSP.

Click this link for the full grant document with more information. If you have questions about this grant, please send them to