Missouri Legislature Passes Deaf Awareness Month Bill

MCDHH is proud to announce that shortly after noon today—May 15, 2020—the Missouri House of Representatives Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed House Bill 1682. Within this piece of legislation was the content of House Bill 1572, which establishes September as Deaf Awareness Month, and its last week as Deaf Awareness Week in the State of Missouri. The measure will now make its way to Governor Parson’s desk to be signed into law. We cannot thank Representatives Jerome Barnes and David Wood enough for their support on this legislation. Rep. Barnes has championed similar legislation for the last several years and sponsored House Bill 1572 this year; Rep. Wood took the initiative under his wing by adding it to his bill, House Bill 1682, which gave it the best chance of passage amidst today’s unique political circumstances. We look forward to celebrating with you all in September, and every September to come, as our state will now official recognize Deaf Awareness Month.