MCDHH Announces $200,000 Grant Opportunity for DeafBlind Program

Jefferson City—The Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH) released a grant opportunity Wednesday to award $200,000 through the Missouri Support Service Provider (SSP) Program to organizations across the state for independent living of DeafBlind Missourians.

An SSP empowers persons with combined hearing and vision loss to make their own decisions without relying on friends and family members for daily activities. The SSP assists by allowing the DeafBlind person to integrate into the community by providing guidance, environmental information, and communication assistance.

Organizations receiving funding through the Missouri SSP Program are responsible for both training SSPs and coordinating scheduling and payment for services. Some examples of situations a DeafBlind person may need an SSP include: navigating a doctor’s office, locating products in a grocery store, and reading mail. Dual sensory loss presents unique challenges because solutions for living with blindness often rely on hearing, and Deaf Culture relies heavily on visual information. This creates a spectrum of lifestyles for DeafBlind individuals, and therefore a wide array of service needs.

In 2016, the Missouri Legislature passed House Bill 1696, establishing 161.412, RSMo. This authorized the MCDHH to issue grants to organizations providing services to deaf-blind adults, children, and their families, subject to appropriations. 

The grant details can be found online at The deadline for grant applications is noon on Friday, August 9, 2018.

MCDHH works with individuals, service providers, businesses, organizations, and state agencies to improve the lives and opportunities of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing Missourians. It functions as an agency of the state to advocate for public policies, regulations, and programs to improve the quality and coordination of existing services for individuals with hearing loss, and to promote new services whenever necessary. More information about MCDHH and the services it offers are available at


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