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Interpreter Testing & COVID-19

MCDHH is not offering appointments for BEI testing due to the COVID-19 pandemic except for special TEP sessions. MCDHH will be offering limited TEP (Test of English Proficiency) sessions periodically.  These small group testing sessions will be held at the Secretary of State’s office building at 600 West Main Street in Jefferson City, Missouri. To read the full COVID-19 TEP testing procedures, click here.


Interpreter Certification vs. Licensing: What is the difference?

In this 3 minute video, Pat Adams explains the difference between the certification process and licensing for sign language interpreters in Missouri.

Interpreter Certification

Missouri Interpreters Certification System (MICS)

The MCDHH’s Missouri Interpreters Certification System (MICS) is a quality assurance screening system used to certify sign language interpreters within the State of Missouri. Certification is obtained through a written test and a performance test. Each performance test is evaluated by a team of trained evaluators on a number of factors and the candidate receives one of five certification levels based on their skill. The MICS is governed by the Board for Certification of Interpreters. MICS certifications may be used by the State Committee of Interpreters to satisfy requirements for licensing.

Ethics Requirement: “(3) An interpreter shall be required to earn two (2.0) CEUs annually for certification maintenance in the MICS, with three-tenths (0.3) specifically focused on Ethics. An interpreter may earn up to one (1.0) MICS CEU per year through mentoring, whether as a mentor or as a mentee. Contact hours earned in another state will be accepted by the BCI provided that the hours acquired can be documented. The twelve- (12-) month period for annually earning CEUs will end ninety (90) days prior to the licensing deadline. This section will become effective for the CEU cycle beginning November 3, 2015 and ending November 2, 2016.”

Remember, you should always carry and be ready to produce your current certification and license cards.

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Interpreter Licensing

The State Committee of Interpreters will be responsible for promulgating rules for licensure that will include the application, qualifications, required fees, ethical rules of conduct, reciprocity with other states and the procedures for investigating and resolving complaints and violations.

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